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Paula Quintas is the director, coordinator and teacher of Danza Alfaia. Dance School in Santiago de Compostela. #12 years



For more than ten years she has been giving regular training at Danza Alfaia, in Santiago de Compostela with a program at different levels of experimentation and physical condition in relation to contemporary dance. The program is divided into different research blocks, on the one hand movement laboratory or Movement Research where, through different techniques such as Gaga or Laban, we will arrive at a 360º movement and a self-expressive language of non-verbal communication, analyzing different qualities, dynamics, states and textures to better understand our personality in both organic and inorganic movement, and on the other hand the technique in contemporary dance and physical conditioning, understood as more formal choreographic work in a way that works with different starting techniques; release, Cunningham, flying low, and ground acrobatics.


Contemporary creation is another important point in my pedagogical research, promoting stage practice and work around video-dance and performance, developing body work closely related to objects, where through them and with them, we can reach experience other physical states helping us get out of gravity.





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Search for movement through the LABAN technique

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Balance workshop. dance-circus

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